Budgeting your Wedding


Recently engaged? Don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help. Once you say “I Do”, you might have tons of questions running through your mind about all the details of your Big Day. When? Where? How? will lead you to sleepless nights. There’s nothing much to worry about. Wedding Planning is a fun journey full of emotions. First things first, Talk to your Fiancé before you start the planning and keep him or her in the loop throughout the process.

  1. Discuss the date and the location when and where you’d like to host your wedding. Choose a venue that’s comfortable for all your families and friends alike.

  2. Create a folder and a checklist for your wedding. This will keep you intact.

  3. Build a budget you and your Fiancé are comfortable with. Building the budget and keeping track of it is the most difficult part of the wedding planning process. If you don’t have a budget, you will find yourself spending a whole lot of money on unnecessary things and blowing up your bank account. So it is really important to build a budget, keep track of the budget, and allocate your budget to the most important things.

  4. Hire a professional to help you plan your wedding. Wedding Planners will sit down with you to lay the groundwork for a smooth wedding planning journey and execute your visions on the big day. They have the knowledge on the costs of different services and will use that to negotiate prices and plans.

  5. Draw up your guest list. Ugh, this is where a lot of couple struggle. Who are your must have’s? Is it going to be a very intimate wedding just for your close friends and family? Do you want to invite your close colleagues? Friends you haven’t spoken in a year? Family who were never there? This is your day and decide on the people you want to have in your wedding. This will help in deciding on the size of the venue, amount of tables and chairs needed, price of catering, number of favors, seating chart, etc.

  6. Pick the venue and your theme. Decide on the type of wedding you’re looking to have. What will be included? What type of mood are you trying to create for yourselves and your guests? Is it a traditional or a modern wedding? These are details you need to decide before speaking with decorators and florists.

  7. Choose your Bridal Party. Choose them wisely. You need their support and help throughout the planning. These are people you can count on.

  8. Research vendors with your Planner, if you have one, such as Photographers, Videographers, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Wedding Gown and Grooms attire, Officiant, DJ, Band, etc. Allocate your budget properly.

  9. Don’t sweat the small details.

  10. Don’t stress and panic.

  11. Don’t try to please everyone. This is YOUR Day.

  12. Don’t forget to keep your significant other in the loop. Ask him or her for help and delegate tasks.

  13. Delegate tasks to your bridal party. They’re part of your wedding for a reason.

  14. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for help with the budget. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

  15. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Enjoy this process and take one day at a time.